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The Situation

China is facing monumental challenges in environment and energy, from apocalyptic smog to cancer villages to polluted soil and rivers to severe water shortage. It is a severe, complex and multifaceted problem; there is no “magic bullet” and this increasingly catastrophic situation cannot be changed overnight. However, it is abundantly clear that something must be done and the time is now.

Leaders in municipalities and educators in Chinese schools are realizing that long term solutions will be led by China’s youth. Accurately exposing the environmental issues to China’s youth and guiding them to develop long-term, sustainable solutions will be essential to the long term success of the nation.

We strongly share this belief. In our extensive meetings with Chinese leaders and educators of Chinese schools, the topic of environment and sustainability arises to an urgent need in working with leading American institutions to develop sustainability education programs for the students of China. With generous and cooperative partnership with our American Colleges and Universities we are dedicating our efforts to the future sustainability of China, and the world.

In summary,

We are working with leading American universities to develop sustainability curricula and sustainability summer camps for Chinese schools and students.

We are working with Chinese schools to “bridge” interested students to sustainability education in American universities and assisting with integrating China into the global sustainability community.

The photos above are from Chinese photographer Mr. Guang LU.